Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Does this game even need an introduction? Hands-down the best version of the original Street Fighter 2 arcade game. This is the one that changed it all, the most iconic fighting game of all time.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo was produced by Capcom in 1994. Choose between a multitude of fighters to face them all in a tournament of epic proportions! In this upgrade to the original, each fighter has a Super move that can be unleashed after filling up your super power bar.

Easter Egg: To play as Akuma (Gouki in the Japanese version) Put the cursor on Ryu, wait (usually it’s from 2-5 seconds) then move to T-Hawk, wait again, Left once to Guile, wait, Down and over to Cammy, wait, then go back to Ryu, then one last pause then press Jab+Strong+Fierce+your Start (1P or 2P). If you did it correctly Ryu’s picture should have been replaced by a black shadow figure.