Sunday Funday, Monday Industry Night, Token Thursdays

We’re bringing back a couple of our Favorite Weekly Event nights, and adding one for all our Friends in the Service Industry. 🍺🎉

Token Thursdays! – 🎮Starting this Thursday, 9/10/20, we’re tossing tokens out to every person who gets a drink. 5 tokens for the first 5 customers, and 2 tokens per drink after that.

Sunday Funday! – 👾Starting this Sunday, 9/13/20, we will be opening earlier in the day, at 3 PM, so you can get your game on and be home for dinner. We’ll have combo deals on food, drinks, and tokens, for families and friends alike! 🥨🌭🍻

Parcade’s Industry Night! – Starting Monday, 9/14/20, we want to celebrate our friends and heroes in the service industry. If you work in Hospitality, as a First Responder, Beautician, or Police or Fire, we are giving 30% off on your tab. Also, we’ll give you 10 free tokens when you start a tab. 💓👩‍🍳👩‍🚒🦸‍♀️

Now open with food, onsite drinking, and game playing.

Wednesday to Saturday – 5 PM to 12 AM
Sunday – 3 PM to 11 AM
Monday – 5 PM to 12 AM

Come by tomorrow for the start of Token Thursdays and grab some free tokens!

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