Reopening June 11th!

We’re happy to announce that the time has come for us to unlock the vault of good brews good games and good times. We’re adhering to all CDC guidelines, providing a safe clean environment and always having our loaded inventory of sanitizer on hand around our establishment.

When we open back up we’re celebrating with an Unlimited Credits night:
$5 entry fee for freeplay on all cabs and pinball. A deal you simply can’t pass up on after all this waiting!

Hours of operation (until further notice):
Wednesday – Friday (5pm – 12am)
Saturday – Sunday (2pm – 12am)

We’ll keep you updated with future events as we ease in and other fun stuff we’ll be doing. We miss our community dearly and THANKS SO MUCH to any who have supported us past 3 months keeping us afloat and kudos to our hardworking staff. Parcade will level back up with a bang as long as we have people like you sticking it with us!