Our New Classic Machine—Target Alpha!

We brought in a new pinball machine today, and it’s now our oldest machine here at the Parcade: Target Alpha!

She’s an Electro-Mechanical (EM) pinball that was first released in November, 1976 (older than me and still kickin’), designed and made by Gottlieb & Co. Sure, she’s got a few quirks, but she’s got style.

I really enjoy playing this old girl and love the art. The theme is all future-y, like you’re at a target range that gives out laser guns. There are a ton of drop targets which are the focus of the game. The goal is to clear an entire bank of targets which will unlock an extra ball and give bonus points for each hit after it drops. It plays slow, which is a nice break from some of the other machines here like Game Of Thrones and Terminator 2. You get 5 balls per game, and it only costs a quarter. Come show her some love!