Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Similar to the previous games in this series. The designers have made each of the eight realms extremely deep and complex. Each realm has its unique challenges, from fire-breathing dragons to fang-toothed goblins to maniacal boss monsters.

In ancient times, the evil mage-wizard Garm uses the thirteen magical runestones to summon the evil demon, Scorne. Unfortunately, he was betrayed. Scorne imprisoned Garm in the Underworld and scattered the thirteen runestones across the eight realms so they might never be used against him. Now, after being summoned by a man named Summoner, you must regather the runestones as either the Warrior, Wizard, Valkerie, Sorceress, Jester, Dwarf, Knight, or Archer.

Gauntlet Dark Legacy was produced by Midway Games in 2000.

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