Street Fighter 3rd Strike
Arguably the best 2-D Fighting Game OF ALL TIME.

It was developed and published by Capcom, originally released for the arcades in 1999.

The third and final installment of Street Fighter III brought back the classic Street Fighter II character Chun-Li, along with four new characters (MakotoRemyQ, and Twelve), extending the selectable roster to 20 characters, with Akuma now being a regular character. All of the returning characters from the previous Street Fighter III games were given new stages, endings, and voice actors for certain characters, continuing the overall storyline from where the first two games left off.

The commands for air parries, throws/holds, and leap attacks were changed from 2nd Impact. Additionally, the player can perform a “Guard Parry” or a parry during a guard stun if the timing is right. A “Guard Parry” is also known as a “Red Parry” because the character turns red when performing it.

The game also introduces a grade-based “Judgement System”, in which the winning player in a single or two-player match is graded after the match based on offense, defense, techniques, and extra points. Special points are also awarded after fulfilling specific requirements.